October 2nd, 2005

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

too legit

maybe i'm a huge dork but when i was a kid and mc hammer reigned supreme i always thought he was a joke and would sing 'too legitimate... to quitimate..." Granted 'quitimate' is a nonsensical nonword but I thought it was amusing. My brother and I used to translate songs into their rough romanian equivalents including ice ice baby and others.

Threadless.com Submission - Too Legit

I don't remember the mc hammer video for the song but this still made me laugh.
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if i get any fatter.....

wow - bookit medallion 2004 / 2005

i had the odd chance to be in pizza hut tonight - i don't usually enter because it's not kosher but a friend of mine who isn't jewish was in the mood and so for a laugh I brought up book-it. i told the gentleman there that i had been reading a lot.

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