May 4th, 2005

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

catching up with the daf

I'm going to do daf beis of shabbos along with the rest of the world that is doing daf yomi. I will therefore be doing the same daf as everyone else, and I will do one daf and extra from berachos until I will eventually G-d willing finish it.

The odd things we think of while davening...

I somehow stumbled upon a torrent site that now has six full episodes of the new series of Doctor Who??!? How many have aired? People in the UK, this question is targeted towards you. :)
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kyan sicilia

oh! it's almost midnight.

doing the daf today was great. i listened to some of an audio shiur on my ipod.

work was actually pleasant today. I have hopes that things will continue to go well. i will be in corporate when the time is right.

PS: to laurenlall - and everyone else to some extent - i wrote an article about great t-shirt sites. unfortunately as of the writing your site wasn't up but do let me know when it will be available. if anyone wants to see the article it's at
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