April 4th, 2005

jimmy makes a funny face with me

i missed seattle

so much that this entire entry will be over soon. there is so much to write about and so many photos to show off many of which have GOOBIE BEAR in them. but you shall see them b'ezras Hashem later today.
DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

nearly midnight already.

It's nearly midnight already, and still no post about our trip. Let me start with a simple run-down.

We stayed in Portland for Shabbos but I did not get to go to shul because I overslept, unfortunately. On the other hand we did end up having a nice shabbos regardless. We picked up some good food at the Albertson's and requested a refridgerator to keep the perishables fresh. This was good because we got chicken and didn't finish it.

On sunday, we more or less did a lot of shopping and then came home - with a stop at Sleater Kinney Road to take the requisite photo. It seems that my ipod really is awesome because we didn't even get through half of my songs, and I did skip a few. There are some Belle & Sebastian songs which Elizabeth didn't feel like listening to while driving - I can't blame her. On a long road trip you don't want to hear sleepy happy songs.

I'm going to be having a Passover seder on the first night and hopefully going to the rabbi's on the second night. I hope to get my food catered by Nosh Away. Speaking of planning for the future I plan on being in Disney Land for the 50th anniversary so anyone that wants to see us and Mickey at the same time should get on it and maybe we can coordinate something.
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