March 27th, 2005


i'll have the tuna

owen burke is extremely funny. i don't have go '04 it as an icon because that was a limited edition icon for 2004 only.

i realized that cranium sells cranium for at least half of what starbucks sells it for. moreover, it is quite inexpensive on ebay. this puzzles me.

i'm a bissel on the tired side.

elizabeth and i saw the new woody allen film and i loved it. i suppose i shouldn't be surpised that i loved it like that. it had a dramatic side and a comedic side, and both were wonderful. the music was superb as usual, and there were a lot of laughs.

how do you all feel about life after this one? life after death that is.
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metero brawny man

it's polo time

i'm wearing a starbucks polo shirt. there's a legendary combination - coffee and horse games.

i suppose i should take off my coat. well at least i'm working at 11 tomorrow and not 8:30 like today. today was actually an interesting day vis-a-vis work. other than the people who wished me a cheerful, uhm, chag that today is for the billion or so people who celebrate it, thinking that i partake of it as well.... it went well. i've been reading a lot of stuff by this guy on the starbucks group who really writes these interesting inspirational things about taking responsibility, and how if the bucks is just a paycheck for you then you have no concept of legendary service and you shouldn't be working for them at all.

i hear now half hour until we leave. it's 10. i'm super-seepy.
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