March 25th, 2005

goobie bear gets ready to review the meg

could shabbos be any closer

talk about cutting it close. facial hair - shaved. nails cut. showered. wearing nice new clothing - by that i mean medium sized t-shirt and boxers from disney direct.

i'm told that i talk about wanting to be in corporate too much. that's stinky. yet it's true. i have a 40 year plan you know.

oh, let's face it. if i could just write and do nothing else and not have to worry about money, believe me i would. then i'd have more time to spend with my pizoopy, whom i love maaaaaaaaaaar than anything btw. she's the best on earth or what not.

i fulfilled the four mitzvos of purim - heard the megilla last night and today, gave money to poor (online), gave two food gifts to friends, and had a festive meal - complete with tots and pancakes. there's g.b. reading the megilla in the icon.
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