March 2nd, 2005

gavin gordon goobie

saw gavin degraw

we saw gavin and so i have a gavin icon. elizabeth will have one shortly. it is from the same photo but hers shows her and gavin and mine shows gavin and i. NOTE HOW CLEVER I AM - both show goobie bear. she is like sporty spice but without spice, of the sport variety.

What a day I had. I am looking forward to chapter 18.

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DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

i am super immature

this is how you know. i just thought of this based on these stupid "love and basketball" adverts that have been airing.

girl : i challenge you to a dual.
boy : a challenge, eh? i see you have jirachi.
girl : yes, but i have deoxys.
boy : do you think you can beat me with your deoxys? my wartortle has 250 hit points.
girl : i submit a challenge.
boy : what are the conditions of this duel? what do you duel me for?
girl : i duel you for your HEART!
boy : well you know, all is fair in love and pokemon.
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