January 24th, 2004

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

git voch

Well, that's it for yet another lovely Shabbos Kodesh. So holy, so tranquil, so not a time to yammer in Lashon Hakodesh right in your face. Oops! Oh well. I used to be the biggest desecrator of the Sabbath that there was. I'm still not that great. I'm much better when I am in my element*, however.

Not anywhere near being out of things to say for LJ. If you notice, I update on average about once a day, sometimes even more than that. This is nothing at all like my paper journal, which always got updated (for the most part) in the evening and was a page or two long and contained all of the days events. My, how boring that gets. My, how nice this keyboard is. So much fun to write with.

Looking forward to WDW times two billion.

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