July 3rd, 2003

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

the thursday thumb-twiddler

1. If you knew you could double your money, easily and certainly, in two years, by investing in a company whose activities you seriously disapprove of, would you do it? Absolutely not.

2. Should the goal of the penal system be to remove criminals from public, deterring crime by punishment, or rehabilitating wrongdoers? A mixture of the first two.

3. You've been given the responsibility of packing away any three items in a time capsule to be opened up in 400 years. What would you put in there to give folks an idea of what life is like in 2003?

1.the flaming lips : "yoshimi" album
2.the interlinear siddur
3."Manhattan" on dvd.

Can anyone guess why?
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