June 11th, 2003


nick hornby, donnie darko, and kuch kuch hota hai

Okay, for the benefit of those who wish to know more about the subjects in the subject line.

"Songbook" is a book by Nick Hornby, published by <aMcSweeney's Books - small publisher based in San Fransisco. It basically has a bunch of songs that Hornby likes and why, and a little personal hsitory. Some may call it self-indulgent, but...ahm.... so? It's a great book thusfar. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ; considered one of the best Bollywood flics in 1998, this is about a guy who was best friends with a girl (who was crazy about him) but who ended up marrying someone else, who died upon giving birth to their only child, who is told in a series of letters written before her mother's death that she is to get her father together with his best firend at any cost. I will see Donnie Darko again. And again and again until I get it. More to come.
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