March 19th, 2003

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

The shpiel last night

I was so worried and nervous about the shpiel last night, but it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I didn't forget nearly as many lines as I was thinking I was going to - but then again, I had the script up there pretty much the whole time I was on stage. Also, I think the fact that most of the adults in the audience were inebriated helped me a little bit.

I haven't been talking to Sandra as much as I usually do when we're apart, which makes me a bit sad. I miss her a lot.

On the other hand, at least my nose isn't so stuffed up anymore. But now my stomach has been really upset lately. Why must it go on like this?
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DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

Naps are so delicious

I have been taking so many naps lately, it's quite ridiculous. Naps are the tool of the devil, or the bi-pedal furry creature that's running around with a pitchfork trying to mess with you, or something along those lines. Seriously, you guys, something's terribly wrong here, and I don't know what it is.

On a related note, I'm not phlegming so much but in turn my stomach has been hurting a lot more lately. Isn't it funny how those things turn out? I really despise when things like this happen. I'm looking forward to being well, G-d willing some day very soon.

Meanwhile, note taking goes very well and the rabbonim are commending me on how well I take notes. They're oh so proud of me for being such a careful note taker. I say, thank my darling dearest Sandra for that. Oh, how I do love my Sandra!

Gee bee!
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DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

my bad?

I called Sandra at work today, which turned out to be a pretty bad idea. She was worried that something might have been seriously wrong. Rather, I just really missed her and wanted to hear her sweet voice. I just miss her a lot when we're not together, that's all. Is that such a terrible thing? I don't think it could possibly be as bad as everyone's making it out to be. Who is everyone? Well, fine. Nobody, really.

I just miss her a lot, that's all.
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DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

things I did at the mall today

I went to the mall with Mike, the Air Force guy today, and I bought a Thank You card for the Grunauers - the family where I stay when I go to see my darling dearest Sandra. I also did a little test run of the new Zelda game, which is incredibly awesome. Finally, I got a new watch, since I left my Harry Potter watch at the Grunauer's house the last time I visited my darling love Sandra.

The procrastination book is going well. Applying the techniques within the book, however, is not going so well.
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DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

I'm exhausted

I'm exhausted from a long day of doing approximately nothing. I'm looking forward to curling up in bed and talking to my darling love Sandra, whom I miss very much.
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