December 22nd, 2002

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

The Two Towers / Not Sleeping

I am thinking there is a connection between watching The Two Towers and not sleeping. For this is the second time I have seen the film and proceeded not to get any sleep during the rest of the evening.

Granted, the first time I saw it was this last Tuesday / technically Wednesday since it was scheduled for 12:01 AM Wednesday and so by the time Sandra and I got out of the film it was a quarter after three. Then with the dead battery, we weren't home until a quarter after four - her friend's home, that is. I don't live in Jersey, and neither does she. So it was only a couple more hours until we were supposed to be up for the train.

Then last night I saw a 9:25 showing which actually got out at 12:25 AM. My roommate had told me that according to the schedule, there would be a train going out from Metuchen (I saw the film with a friend from Metuchen, Joanna, and some friends of hers at the Loews in New Brunswick) at one thirty in the morning. By the time I realized there was to be no train coming due to the fact that it was Sunday morning and not Saturday morning schedule, it was nearly two. Joanna was really keen and we hung out at a nearby diner and then drove around and she waited with me until just around near when the train came. The train came at 5:46 in the morning. And now, well, it's 7:38 in the morning. Another night after seeing LOTR and not sleeping. So as I told Sandra on the phone when I realized that I had nowhere to stay and the train situation : "I think the next time I see Two Towers will be on DVD...."
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push and pull

The relationship with Sandra has been, I'm afraid to say, quite push and pull a lot. At times Sandra is very happy with things and so happy to be with me. Then other times she seems to be in less than happy moods and she tells me that she is analyzing that which could make things not work out between us. But then later she assesses that those things seem superficial in comparison with all the things she really likes about me.

It's kind of like a sin wave, or a cosin wave, as she put it. Last night when she called me and I was at the train station it was, "Please tell me that you missed me" - high. Then later after the film when I had to wait and wait and wasn't sure if I'd get a ride - cold. Low. Then this morning she said she felt she wasn't there for me and was I happy with her and is this really right?

AAaaaargh! I just want to take this slowly. But I'm going to Cleveland next week.
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