August 20th, 2002


four hundred dollars is an ouchie!

Four hundred dollars being the amount of $$ I just spent to send the majority of my 175 dvds to Australia. Because it's over $3000 of dvds, I want it to get there intact and safely. Wow do I feel financially screwed. and yet I'm on planetanime's web site getting ready to get dragon half. go figure. woe be me. woe. or something.
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DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

are you ready for a big surprise?

okay, no surprise. my "# 1 belief match" is my actual faith of birth. how aboot that? although I find it bothersome that they say I'm equally compatible with the Islamic faith.

According to the Belief System Selector, my #1 belief match is Orthodox Judaism. </br> What do you believe?</b></a> Visit
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