August 19th, 2002


why am I awake?

Why is it that I'm awake now? Oh yes, I know. It could be that my annoying f-cking roomate decided to use the computer for forty-five minutes. How convenient, considering I was away all day and he could have used it any time then. But then, he probably woke up just in time to go to some stupid wedding and - sweet mother of elephant, where is he going at this hour? I'm tired. Cripes.
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DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

I'm such a push-over

I find it hard to stay mad at anyone. I also find it hard to get anyone upset without trying to make up with them in some way or another. I keep forgetting that my roommate doesn't really have any friends at all and that he spends most of his day in bed and so it's really not good to yell at him for spending too long on e-mail or something when that's probably all the social interaction he's going to get for the day. Poor fellow.

On a different note, I finished an article I wrote about Boddington's for Go Inside magazine which I will submit for August 22, to commemorate the anniversary of my publishing an anti-Budweiser article. I think I'll write one good beer related article every year on August 22nd.

Things seem to be going well. I slept pretty late this morning.
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DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

this is too funny.

I'm listening to phish back in '97 doing a parody of hanson's mmmbop.... er... how they imagine james brown would do it, that is. "like an eleven year old sex machine... you know, I was moving, doing it... I was only eleven years old and I was doin' it! Take it to the bridge, thirty-two times!" Oh so funny.

Here's a word of Final Fantasy VII advice. When the main character says "don't hit him when his tail is up" that means... don't hit him! cripes I can be dumb.
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    Phish - mmmbop (parody - james brown rendition)