August 8th, 2002

DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

more sleeping in

More sleep-in for me today. Of course for me, 'sleeping in' during the week constitutes waking up at at ten after six in the morning. I don't particularly want to be awake right now but hey - the job is there and it wouldn't be fair to not go square when they want me. 'tis a task not to daunt me. Argh, enough of that somesense.

It's thursday, and while part of me has felt that the week has dragged on, another part of me has felt the week has zinged by. Then there's the part of me that was reading Ayn Rand's book on writing fiction which tells the other two parts to shut up because exactly twenty four hours passed per day and thus it neither dragged nor zinged. I designed the cover and back page of "death before nine to five" which will probably be one of the most fun parts of the project but i thought i'd do it from the outside in. sounds like a film by bass guitarist Mike Gordon. whee.
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creativity is not well appreciated in the workplace

I work in financial aid. today someone from the information tech. department came down and I, wishing I worked elsewhere, offered to be an assistant monkey boy. I don't think it went over too well. but I told him I spoke in jest. I think if he could have, he would have done one of those Vulcan one eyebrow raised things.
DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

how to make bitter coffee taste better.

1.step outside.
2.smoke a cigarette.
3.come back inside
4.notice the difference.

either it was that or the salmon / rice i had for lunch. but i really remember that coffee tasting horrible before and it tastes just fine now. so unless someone snuck into the office during my lunch break and mixed in something... special, it was one of those two things.

overheard outside : "McDonalds is cheaper". yes. but that's only up until you have your first heart attack.
DOOL Steve Kayla Cheers!

the city of the jehrs....

sitting at chris's computer, in his apartment, in new jersey. spent a few hours having everyone passing by us thinking, for various reasons, that we're an item. well, you see a couple of guys walking around tribecca with matching starbucks drinks, obviously they're lovers. one person congratulated us about being so bold. uhm, what? plenty of thoughts being thrown around without any substantial evi-don'ts do back it up. not like i was holding his hand or anything - but i guess matching drinks and bits of our conversation might have been something to lead those kinds of thoughts.

going to watch donnie brasco? which he said yesterday how badly it sucked but we watch because you can't, paraphrase him, judge a movie just on seeing it once. so maybe now he will see it and fall in love with it, love not like the kind everyone including the cvs woman who sold the marlboros thought we shared. she asked, want matches? and so i was going to say yes but he interjected and said no, we have lighters. we have lighters. we, the osmond couple. i had my wallet open so i showed him the picture of my fiance and i from the engagement party. don't get me wrong, chris is the cutest guy i know, but it just isn't that way tween us. cute - i'm still engaged and monogamous. and even if i wasn't, still nothing would happen you sillies who want to have ideas related to that. that bus left hours ago. so nick drake has assured us all, but only if you want to read into his lyrical sensibilities. sense and sensibilities. sometimes my whole f-cuking life feels like a jane austen novel. who would i be? that would be an awesome online quiz - what jane austen character are you?? someone, quick, make it. or slowly make it. just make it for cigarette's sake. hey a cigarette IS feminine - ette in french indicates feminineness. i knew that reading that "my love to you" or what was it called? by that genius french feminist author who deconstructed the french language down to gender types and whole phrases and wow that book was good. hence i still have it, in my mom's house. hoooouse.

i love julia so much. and i miss her so much. i should be writing more of that article on martha now. but i'm going to watch donnie brasco instead. donnie brasco. spoken too slowly it sounds like a lingerie company. speaking of deconstructing languages.... thanks brother dearest for this brand of observation - taking apart words and making words and thoughts on those words. donnie bras co. donne-y brasquex. that was definitely the sillier of them.

donnie brasco. a motion picture. mo shun pict, you are. why should you be shunning them pics? this will stop before it gets too silly. no, too late.
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