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the keenness that is hanging out with chris.

i have probably written this over a billion times, but it keeps coming up - the way that people in the us at least seem to call someone they just met a friend. i would say that person was a vague acquaintance. i don't really feel that i have any friends in new york, except for sarah (who i got to know at r.u.) and karen (whom i have known since i was like six or seven). Every time I hang out with my friend Chris it reminds me of why I don't like to hang out with my roommate - why spend time with someone who doesn't have anything interesting to say, who doesn't stimulate any intellectual activity so to speak... just dullness and repeating what other people have said. Chris, he is quite fun. Moreover, he's interesting, intelligent...etc. We're going to watch Legends of the Fall (think that's the title) right now.

I had a horrible day at work but was happy to see that my go inside magazine article was published today. defending Martha Stewart, what fun - and something i've been wanting to do the past year or so. and i got published in a real print magazine called "efficiency". that was awesome - add that to the list of fun things getting published in. i just want to write, in life, just to write - maybe to direct, if possible. create. i listen to music and then later music i haven't heard before comes into my head which sounds pretty and i want to set it down on paper or to play it on the piano (if only i could play as well as i am thinking)... or the violin... beautiful instruments, the two. that would be an interesting musical combination - just a violin and piano. and maybe a clarinet too. just for Woody Allen funnesssss.... and an acoustic guitar. for good picking fun. pick pick pick went one advert. So happy. sad that I missed julia's call but I will talk to her soon. I love her.

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