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do not disturb sign - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
hands up *clap* *clap* hands down
do not disturb sign
what is it about my stupid roomate that makes him not understand 'do not disturb' ? he knocked on my door twice and then called my phone - and i picked up and yelled, are you illiterate? f--k off!' i was writing and didn't want to be disturbed. writing crap, but writing nevertheless. he said the saddest thing to me the other day - 'be my friend'. the thing is i see him like a half hour a day if that, and to me, a friend is someone you get to know over a long period of time - not just having casual bs meaningless relationships about whether or not the trash was taken out. it seems a lot of people have a definition of friend that is not the same as mine - they meet people and then introduce the person as 'their friend' etc. i have maybe a handful of friends - and only one lives in new york, and i've known her for ages. as in, since we were both six or so. and i'm 25 now - and she is certainly a friend. but my roommate is not. but he doesn't like that idea very much, alas. but then, he has plenty of other 'friends' to compensate for this, so to speak. arg.... so sleepy. must read more to write better. maybe in my time off from work i can make 'death before nine to five' - that would be fun.

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