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quick day o' work.

Tell people at work that you are going to leave in a month, and be guaranteed at least some crappy treatment from your coworkers. Envy? Taking it out because they know you'll be gone soon enough so now is the time to get it out? Who knows.... but I am going to be seeing Julia tonight, and all just seems well with the world thusly. Moving out of my apartment on the 6th... very happy.

bizarre people coming into the office today. even mr.flirty came in. introduced me to a friend of his. just a friend of course, as friend was female, and he has made it clear to me that he likes man people. hence his name.

I have a picture of Woody Allen - a still from Manhattan in which he is lying on the couch listing things that make life worth living. the little things make one happy sometimes. and this is small enough to fit comfortably under the keyboard. slides out for feel-happy reasons. many giggles to be had.

Have I mentioned being happy that I'm seeing Julia tonight?

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