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soo wrong

i wrote so many incorrect things in that last entry it's not funny. it wasn't donny brasco, donny brasco was a book on the shelf i saw that had the similar title to what we wree supposed to see, donny darko or however it may be spelled at this time of the night, lack of fright, what a sight! out of sight, i had no fight to get back home which is where i am, comics received, harrods teddy received, and gift for chris recieved oh thank you mail man thank you so much. the mail man is like a gift delivery but you pay for the gifts cept when people actulaly send you things which is not so often because citibank decides to send me bills more often than people decide to send me letters on paper. but e-mail isn't that bad except i can't hold it and feel its various textures. text, you are eeeee! the word games again! so sleepy.

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