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Everything is a gift.

There's a lovely book out there called "Everything is a Gift" which is about how we can change the way we see the things that happen to us so that we realize that even when something seems to be bad, it ultimately is for the best. Everything. How far into the future we have to reach in order to see this isn't always so clear, but in the long run, it is all a gift.

For example, the other day I put the ground coffee in the machine as always, started it, and got into the shower. A little later I was checking my e-mail and getting ready to leave when I heard Joe making instant coffee. I thought that perhaps he hadn't noticed that I had made coffee. I went over there (the kitchen) and he told me that the coffee was very weak and grainy and so he had made the instant. I realized that somehow a hole had torn in the filter and all the ground coffee went into the pot instead of staying in the basket. I got a little aggravated and cleaned everything up and then started anew with a fresh pot.

Meanwhile, the phone rang. It was Ricky, the guy that we study Chumash with in the morning. He wanted to know if I had left yet. I hadn't, obviously. Well, apparently he was running late, and he wouldn't be there for another fifteen minutes. Mind you, he has the key to the building. Outside it was hovering around zero. To make this seemingly pointless story a bit more pointed, had the coffee making not gotten messed up, I would have left before the phone call and I would have been stuck waiting outside in the freezing cold for fifteen minutes. Though I was irritated because I had to make another pot of coffee in the end it possibly saved me from getting very sick.

Everything is a gift.

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