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more sleeping in

More sleep-in for me today. Of course for me, 'sleeping in' during the week constitutes waking up at at ten after six in the morning. I don't particularly want to be awake right now but hey - the job is there and it wouldn't be fair to not go square when they want me. 'tis a task not to daunt me. Argh, enough of that somesense.

It's thursday, and while part of me has felt that the week has dragged on, another part of me has felt the week has zinged by. Then there's the part of me that was reading Ayn Rand's book on writing fiction which tells the other two parts to shut up because exactly twenty four hours passed per day and thus it neither dragged nor zinged. I designed the cover and back page of "death before nine to five" which will probably be one of the most fun parts of the project but i thought i'd do it from the outside in. sounds like a film by bass guitarist Mike Gordon. whee.

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