gordond (gordond) wrote,

"death before nine to five"

i had this idea sometime today when thinking about how much i hate my job and how it makes me feel really suicidal. which is sad because it's non-brain using temp work and people really abuse me at this stupid job. i really want to quit because it's making me so fricking mizerable.

anyhow, here is my idea. i am going to put out a zine called "death before nine to five." you can probably guess what it's about. all about the evil that is working nine to five, how it completely kills you mentally and is creatively suffocating. blargh i hate my job. i hate it so much that i want to make this magazine and then sell it for not much. but enough that there would be a 'profit', even a few cents, per copy sold. that would be worth it to me. and then if there's a miracle and lots of people want one then i might stop working a few days early - i am stopping work on the 13th of september as it is to get ready to go to australia. zine sales plus donations might get me out sooner. who knows?

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