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longest fricking day ever, or so it has felt. i really just want… - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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longest fricking day ever, or so it has felt. i really just want this stupid work day to end soon, and according to some clocks that means forty minutes from now. but today i can't afford to waste time at home. i mean, no screwing around game fun or anything. i have writing to do, i have reading to do, and i have to write maybe one short story to submit for money - somewhere, i will find it in that stupid market book i paid good money for. schmuck that i am always buys market books and then lets them sit on the shelf. i've read a lot of interesting things about people who make zines and it makes me want to make one just because i want to get my writing out that much. maybe i'll self-publish the serial novel on paper just to, yes, just to put my writing out because not writing makes me sick, this job makes me ill when i think about it too much because there's no brain usage whatsoever. stupid filing and envelope stuffing and phone message taking. for this i went to college? it's not just a collection of "family circus" comics.

feeling: : aggravated aggravated
la musique: : sakura sakura (theme to love hina) (in head)

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