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I think that being in manhattan has made me more o.c.d. than i was before. but i think that naturally happens when you don't want to go insane drowning in a sea of your own possessions. because when you live in new york, unless you're a character on Friends or are independantly wealthy in some way, you're going to be probably living in a closet. so i quickly started to learn to put things together and organizing and straightening. and straightening and straightening and more straightening. which leads to more of the same.

On a side note, I got the Escaflowne box set yesterday and wow was it worth it. besides getting $50 off the list price i got a neato mecha figure. my first. I don't have much room for mechas in this tiny cramped apartment.

started writing a new go inside article last night. I have been writing for go inside magazine for the last two years now, as of this month. I think this is one of the few times i'm writing it out by hand first. Blah "work" is not being done by me now - should do so prior to getting shown the door to unemployment.....

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