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so hard to get into australia + aggravating lich

I'm feeling reasonably good which is interesting considering that yesterday was a really crappy day, work and otherwise. Granted, some of it comes from repeatedly getting my rear pounded into the ground by the Lich demon in Gauntlet : Dark Legacy but that's okay.

For one, yesterday work was non-stop monkey drudgery. If I haven't mentioned before, my job requires very little brain effort and mostly doing things like sorting files, finding files, stuffing envelopes, and other things that people shouldn't get $18 an hour to do.

Then I got home from work and the kitchen was still a mess. of course. My roommate, on the rare occasions that he chooses to get up, rarely does any cleaning and usually just makes things messier and less organized. Me, a five year subscriber to Martha (note : I could give a fsck about insider trading - the recipes still come out tasting good and the projects are still as fun) is not at all compatible with dirty and disorganized. Bad enough that my room is so small that it's really hard to organize.

Moreover, I got some sorts of information about entry into Australia as a semi-permanent resident which is, despite that I'm engaged to a resident it will still be exceedingly difficult to get in - well, at least, that a fiance visa could take 20 weeks to get. The wedding is set for November 19th. Go figure. Perhaps if I go in on a visitor's visa and apply for the fiance visa from there... arrgh. Anyone know an easier way to do this? I'm probably going to end up living there. There aren't any countries vowing the destruction of Australia, as far as I know... not even New Zealand.

More misadventures with my roommate this morning. He asked me yesterday if he could do anything for tonight (we're having a meal with one of my friends coming over). I said yes : clean the kitchen. He started asking a hundred questions and I just repeated, just clean the kitchen. I'm going to come home tonight and it will be just as I left it - I am so ready for the disappointment. Sigh.

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