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the work thing.

I think it's worth mentioning that this job thing has been going pretty well. I mean it is temp work which means I don't know how long I'll be at this assignment or any other assignment for that matter but it beats unemployment like there's no tomorrow. What I am making right now much more than covers the rent which is exactly what I need - to be able to cover the rent and have money for food even extra to put aside, etc. I can't believe I'm actually working at a law school right now - funny because some of my favorite television programs are about law firms. My work environment is extremely relaxed, albeit I work with all women and I had to tell them right up front that I don't touch women by my religion. They were all very understanding and in fact a bit on the respectful side for that.

The dating situation is getting moderately interesting. I've been e-mailing this really nice frum girl in Australia - we've gotten to the point that I've even given her one of my rabbi's contact information. That's a good sign that it's going well. It seems that we not only have a lot of the same tastes in music, film, and television but we also share a lot of the same viewpoints when it comes to Jewish Law.

At the same time, just last night I got a phone call from this girl that I dated for two weeks but it didn't really work out at all. One of the key issues that we had was that she didn't think a guy could have female friends or that a girl could have male friends - I agreed at the time but since we split apart I realized how important my few female friends are to me. So it would be highly unlikely that I would get back together with that person, despite the fact that we got along so well and had such a good connection.

My grandmother is going to be needing constant supervision, which I suppose just about makes sense since she hasn't recovered fully from having the stroke several weeks ago. I am a bit upset that I didn't get to record in video format a sort of documentary on her life but I might just try to get it somehow else. Some other form of communication might be necessary. A way to communicate with someone who can't speak very well... it could be something that might be worth looking into.

I realized today that it would hypothetically be possible to have rehearsals for that one play I wrote in my apartment since there are only five people in the whole cast. I hope I can find a theater that will let me direct it. Then I can get to putting it on film, etc. The question is how to find actors who would be interested in doing not just one film but many over the course of a number of years or what not. That's what I have in mind right now, anyhow. Because my dream would be to be able to have at least several films that would be interconnected by characters, and what could be better than if the characters would be played by the same actors? I suppose I shouldn't write out too many at a time, or maybe I should? And then do back-to-back shooting? Right now I'd be happy if I could even get the first one done.

I have been spending lunches with a friend of mine who also works in the same building. He's a nice person and can be very helpful with various problems that I have. Back to the grind as it were...
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