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computers aggravate me.

I toil and toil and toil and still can't get stupid computers to work. At the present moment, I should be sleeping but instead am trying to get two computers to work. One of them is Joe's new computer, which looks like it has been trying to load up XP for ages. The other one is the laptop my mother loaned me, on which I am reinstalling Windows '98 for the umpteenth time it seems. I'm really not looking forward to that exam next week. It seems like there's so much to do before then. Ah, and it would seem that Joe's laptop has locked up yet again. Great. Time to reset it, yet again, and to hope that *this* time it actually boots up.

Well, at least Friends, Will and Grace, and the new show - they were all funny tonight. Oh and look, it just froze up AGAIN. And look, it's quarter to midnight, and I should get up at 5:30 or so. That will most likely not happen, of course. OH and look, it just froze up yet again. Hello???? Okay, let's try "safe mode", maybe that will work. I always eventually get it to work but I always manage to forget how I got it to work. How unfortunate. I'd like to have an operating system that just always worked and didn't give me such a hard time all the time.

Well, safe mode worked. Just did a system restore. Have to love system restores. They're awfully kind and gentle, when they work. I hope it works this time. I should stop yelling at computers. Well, at least I didn't call it any bad names tonight. Yeah, that made it sound all that much better.

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