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I feel so fat. But then Julia tells me I have to put on some weight. Does this mean that I've got some weight disorder? She hasn't seen me without my shirt, nor will she until after the wedding, but when I'm not wearing a t-shirt I feel disgusting. Ugly. But then I put on some Django Reinhardt and have a cup of tea with soy milk and a little sugar and all feels right.

I have to do some writing today. I might not go to see Star Wars today after all - maybe that will be tomorrow night. I feel time pressure. If not tomorrow night, there is always Sunday. Lots of fun day.

My room remains a craphole, my laundry needs to be done in a bad way, and I have to buy groceries. Some things can be done in multitask mode. I can't wait - soon enough I will be living in an actual home and be able to do laundry in machines that don't need quarters.

Will I want to stay in Australia? I don't know yet. I have to be there more than zero amount of time in order to figure such things out. Maybe being far from the parents will push me to grow up a little. I'm such a kid in so many ways. Not just the huge "the good news is you've found your inner child" thick advertisement I got when I worked at the disney store. any disney stores in melbourne? I hope so. Wow that was rambling and silly.

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