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reasons my job is... well... blah. - hip hip queens-ray! kew them gardens. — LiveJournal
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reasons my job is... well... blah.
I feel like I never use my brain at all. I do the most simple-minded things there, most of which involve searching for physical files with specific names on them (I think a lot about how a file-tracking system could be computerized - ie have each file folder have a small chip on it which would emit a signal continuously stating only the name, social security number etc. in the file - a handheld reader would receive the signal. to search for a file, one would just put in the name of the student and it would tell you how far it was, or if you were near it, etc. I think some stores use this technology for inventory purposes - each item has a chip that continuously beams the signal "I am here." or something like that.

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